‘Apapane~ ‘Ōhi’a Pollinator

Number of prints in edition: 95

Dimensions: 13″ high by 12½” wide

Date Created 2022

Technique: Woodcut

This is a companion print in my Hawaiʻian Honeycreeper Series, and was created to display beautifully with ‘Alawī ~ Koa Forager





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The charming ‘apapane is one of the stars of the forests of Hawai’i. This bright bird soars between ‘ōhi’a trees sipping nectar from the lehua flowers with its brush-tipped tongue. Its face and curved beak get dusted with pollen each time it sips nectar. In return for receiving breakfast, lunch and dinner, the ‘apapane reciprocates by distributing pollen to other ‘ōhi’a throughout the forest. When the ‘apapane moves along to feed at another tree, the pollen dusting its beak and face enters the ‘ōhi’a lehua, and this flower now begins the process of creating seeds that will eventually drift down through the forest canopy to sprout new trees. The relationship between ʻōhiʻa and ʻapanane is just one example of the symbiotic relationships among the plants, birds and insects that are essential to the continued growth and health of the upper elevation forests of Hawaiʻi.

ʻApapane is one of the most widespread of the Hawaiʻian honeycreepers.  It is endemic to Hawai’i and can be found on the islands of Hawai’i, Maui, Kaua’i and Oʻahu.Image Size: 13″ high by 12½” wide     Edition Size: 95


Honeycreeper Prints W TableApapane And Alawi Stacked


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